Players are subject to assassination.


One will be assassinated for failure to repay a loan from the bank in full on time.

Players may make an expenditure to attempt to assassinate a rival. [No, bankers can't be assassinated].

When an assassination is attempted, the success is on probability.  For every 12 ducats paid in the attempt, the chances of the attempt being successful increase.  At best, there is a 50% success rate.  More that one assassination attempt may be made on the same player, but the effects are the same if only one or both of them succeed.

Effects of successful assassination: Edit

  • All the units of the victim of a successful assassination attempt are paralyzed for the remainder of the season's campaign.  All orders are converted to hold orders although they may still be supported by other players' units.  The hold orders cannot be used to put down rebellions and all sieges that the player is attempting are broken.
  • Any of the victim's garrisons that are under siege are immediately eliminated.
  • Some number of the victim's controlled provinces will take advantage of the assassination to rebel.
  • The assassinated player is not out of the game.  He continues, representing his own successor as ruler of the major power.  The effects of assassination merely show the often chaotic effects of a sudden shift in power at the top.

Courtesy of Doug Massey, Diplomatic Pouch Zine.