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Condottieri is a multiplayer, strategic game based on the classic game "Machiavelli" (a variant of "Diplomacy"). Condottieri is set in Renaissance Italy, and each player controls one of the powers that struggle to dominate the region.

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You can play Condottieri in the game website .

To play a game, you have two possibilities:

Game rulesEdit

The rules of Condottieri are based on the classic board and Internet-based game Machiavelli, but they present some changes to be adapted to online gaming, and some house rules that are added following the players suggestions. In addition to this Wiki, check the Help and Forum sections of the site.

Game rules


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Disasters mapEdit


New: In this map you can get the probability of each natural disaster in each province or sea.

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    Comment: A key question is how the control of areas is re-calculated. Currently (in version 3), (I believe) control is recalculated at the end of each year...
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    Comment: Thank you so much for this, helps with tactics and decision making. Any chance there is a map like this for Westeros? or any of the other maps?
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    New page: I guess that many of the players here came from diplomacy, as I did. Well, there are no garrisons, so this is one of the difficult concepts to...
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