Scenarios Edit

When creating a new game, the creator must choose one of the available scenarios for this game. The scenarios will define which are the powers (republics or principalities), that take part in the game and the initial setup of the map.

The scenario defines also the initial money and the income of each power, and the cities, if any, that give additional income.

The rules Edit

[http:// The rules of Machiavelli]

New basic rules Edit

Optional rules Edit

When creating a new game, the creator must decide if any of the available optional rules will be used. The game flow and the players' options during the game will depend on the used optional rules. Also review the Forum and Help sections of the site.

Now, the following optional rules are available:

Purpose of the game Edit

The victory conditions are chosen when creating a new game. The goal of the game you must control a certain number of cities at the end of any Fall season.

There are different game types, depending on the number of cities that you must control to win the game:

  • Standard game: the goal is controlling 15 cities.
  • Long game: the goal is controlling 23 cities.
  • Short game: the goal is controlling 12 cities, including all your home cities, and at least 6 conquered cities.