In Condottieri, karma is a measure of your commitment with the game and with other players. Basically, if you make your game actions soon, contributing to a fast paced game, you will have a high karma. However, if you forget to make your actions, you will have a low karma. A new user always start with 100 karma points. The maximum karma is 200 and the minimum is 10.

Karma has different effects in game: if you have less than 50 karma points, you will not be allowed to join games, and you will be put out of games that have not yet started. Also, your karma value is used to calculate how much time you have to play your turn in each game.

Each game has a base time (usually from half a day to two days) to play each phase. If your karma is over 100, you will have more time, while if your karma is below 100, you will have less time.


Increasing karma Edit

You can increase your karma in three different ways:

  • In any phase, if you complete your actions in the first fifth part of the game base time (i.e. 9.6 hours in a 48 hours game), you will get 1 point of karma.
  • If you overthrow another player in a "revolution" (see below), you will get 10 points of karma.
  • If your karma is below 50, you will recover 2 points every 24 hours.

Losing karma. Revolutions Edit

In any phase, if the time limit is reached and you have not completed your actions, you will lose 10 points of karma. Depending on the phase, there are other effects that are explained below.

Whenever you skip a phase, other players that are not already playing the game will have the possibility to take your country. This is called a "Revolution". If this happens, you will receive a notice about it. If you skip the next phase too, the other player will take your country.

Keep in mind that when someone misses their turn, the deadline for the turn is extended, but you lose karma. If you are the one who missed his turn, you will see an icon depicting a sleeping face beside the game title in your upper dashboard.