Religious wars

This rule represents the conflicts among countries caused by religion, or having religion as a pretext. Even sometimes the religion of the rulers is not the same as the majority religion of the people, what might cause internal conflicts.

Implementation Edit

Each one of the countries that take part in the game may be identified with a particular religion. Some provinces have a clear majority of inhabitants who profess a religion. This fact is shown in the board by a small icon near the name of the province.

  • A crescent represents a Muslim country;
  • Crossed keys represent a Roman Catholic country;
  • A cross within a heart is a Lutheran country; and
  • A Maltese cross represents a Calvinist country.

This rule comes into effect whenever an identified country controls an a province and the religious identities of both are different. In this case, the following effects are applied:

  • The cost of promoting a rebellion in this province is 3 ducats less than normal, i.e., if the province belongs to the home country of the player who controls it, the cost is 12 ducats (instead of 15), and in other case the cost is 6 ducats (instead of 9).
  • The probability of a rebellion outbreak in the province as a result of an assassination or too high taxes is higher.