A revolution takes place when a player fails to fulfill his commitment of making his actions before the deadline, to prevent the game to be adulterated, and to give other player the chance to take his place.

Whenever a player skips his turn, he loses 10 karma points, and the system sends a notice and creates a new revolution that will be shown in other players' home page, who then can try to take this player's place. The turn that this player has skipped does not end, but is extended as much as the game's time limit. In this time, the player can make his actions and prevent other player to take his place. However, if the player expends half this extra time and other player tries to overthrow him, the overthrow will be immediate, and the overthrowing player has the remaining time to make his actions.

If the lazy player makes his actions after skipping a turn, the revolution won't be deleted for the rest of the game. If another player tries to overthrow him, and he skips a turn again, the overthrow will also be immediate, and the game will be extended the same way to allow the new player to make his actions.

Also, at the end of the game a list is shown with the players that have been overthrown.

As a further penalty, the overthrown player loses 10 points in his score.