When Strategic Movement is enabled, a player may move up to two of his units through any number of adjacent, friendly areas.


On the game Edit


After the Retreats phase, every player may send up to two special movement orders. These orders are then processed simultaneously, with the following restrictions:

  • Strategic Movement is allowed only through a player's own areas, except as explained below. A unit may never move through an area controlled by other player, or a neutral land area.
  • An army may move through any number of sea areas where there is a fleet of the same player.
  • A fleet may move through any number of vacant sea areas as long as there is a controlled coast bordering these areas.
  • A unit may never enter an area occupied by an army or fleet (except by convoy).
  • A besieging unit cannot use strategic movement.
  • A garrison cannot use strategic movement.
  • If two or more units try to end their movements in the same area, all these movements will be ignored.